Dr. Nancy Yousef

Having graduated from one of Egypt’s most prestigious dental universities and learning from so many incredible mentors in her home country,

Dr. Nancy Yousef (DDS) continued her ambitious dental journey in Canada.  She is always looking for ways to learn and grow taking multiple continuing education courses.

Upon first arriving to Century Stone Dental, Dr. Yousef noticed right away the staffs professionalism and was impressed by everyone’s honesty and team spirit. Having observed Dr. Sims, and having the latest dental technology available at Century Stone, she knew right away that they deliver the best patient care and was excited to work with such a fabulous team.

Dr. Yousef’s positive energy and her love for her career, her determination to keep up to date with the latest dental technology to provide the best quality of treatment to her patients is only rivalled by her energy and love for exploration and traveling. Her dream is to travel the world and meet new people and make as many unforgettable memories as she possibly can. Make sure to tell her about your latest trip next time you see her.